Thomas Velez Campaign Sign

Greetings Williamson County,

Photograph of Thomas Velez

My name is Thomas Velez and I am running to be your Judge in the County Court at Law #3.

I’m taking this opportunity of you being here on this page to learn about me to address you the very same way as if we were meeting face to face.
The first question I get asked is "What are you running as?". My answer is that I am not a political party, I’m running to be our Judge as a person. A person that hopefully you will trust to have no bias, to put the letter of the law first, with integrity, and with a passion for only the law with integrity. I have been a lawyer and an advocate for 10 years and throughout those years I have been a prosecutor for every level of offense. I have prosecuted misdemeanors to murders, human trafficking, sex crimes, domestic violence, thefts and drugs - and spent the majority of my career as a felony prosecutor for the People of Texas. I bring to Williamson County a broad-view of best practices from every prior County and Court I have practiced and prosecuted. I bring an enthusiasm for the law and the role the Courts can have in making our County stronger - safer - and more just. I am a trial attorney that is still in awe of the power and purpose of the law and I will preside fairly over the cases before the Court that protect our citizens; whether they are the survivors or a crime or the accused. I will take the trust you put in me and give back to our County; remembering that I am a public servant who has a responsibility for leadership. I am a proud brother, son, husband, uncle, Hispanic, friend, Texan, and American. If this is all you have time to see on my profile I just want to thank you for visiting and making it this far. Williamson County deserves a public servant and an experienced practitioner of the law.

- Thomas Velez

Vote Velez and see what I can do for Justice and what I can do for Williamson County.


I will not be seeking endorsements to ensure maximum neutrality. Williamson County deserves the type of public servant that will depart from politics as usual and chose integrity. The people who support me are citizens of Williamson County from all walks of life. They are law enforcement, teachers, retirees, landscapers, attorneys, Judges, mothers, fathers, renters, homeowners, students, and entrepreneurs. They are from all races, ethnicities, creeds, colors, beliefs, and identities. I am thankful.

Donations and Contributions

My campaign is a truly grassroots campaign. I will not be accepting or soliciting money from funds, associations, organizations, or firms. The best way to support me is to VOTE, bring a friend to VOTE, and talk to others about their VOTE.